Toraja Funeral Ceremony

Posted On: August 16, 2017

On our visit to Tana Toraja, Way to Australia and Beyond was fortunate to be there on the same day as a the traditional funeral ceremony.


After driving to a small village some 5 kms from our hotel we disemabarked our bus and walked to the funeral site a distance of some 3 kms.

Passing by local homes and spectacular rice paddies we finally arrive at what has to be a must see event on your Toraja tour.


Please be warned that the funeral ceremony does go on for some hours and will contain some scenes that may be disturbing to some people.


If the funeral ceremony is not for you then an alternative agenda can be arranged.


The funeral ceremony can actually takes months or even up to a year to happen. This is because all family members must agree on the date and time. If someone is not available then the ceremony is put on pause.


The ceremony is all about the after life and what the deceased takes with them. The higher the caste of the deceased the more expensive and valuable posessions and offerings they take into the next life.


Whilst being a Christian region of South Sulawesi the funeral ceremony is still a traditional one and has no resemblance to a Christian service. Such is the diversity of South Sulawesi and the funeral ceremony is unique, it certainly captured our attention.