Toraja Architecture

Posted On: August 23, 2017

Way to Australia and Beyond recently visited beuatiful Toraja Land in South Sulawesi Indonesia.


One of the most stunning finds is the unique Toraja Homes which are works of art in their own right.


The houses are striking due to the roof lines which resemble that of a boat. In fact the original inhabitants of Toraja were Melanesian and arrived in long boats similar to the shape of the roofs.


That same shape was carried over into the houses, however the roofs serve another important purpose, they keep the houses cool and at a constant temperatureby dispersing the heat.


In Toraja homes the occupants live upstairs and down below are kept farm animals, cars and equipment.


Toraja has many interesting and fascinating sights and the homes with their unique materials and roofs leave a lasting memory of this land above the clouds.