Coconuts Beach Resort - Upolu Island Samoa

Posted On: May 8, 2019

Recently Way to Australia and Beyond enjoyed the stunning Island of Upolu in Samoa and the warm hospitality of the Samoan people.

Truly……. words cannot describe the wonderful experience of Samoa.

The weather, the food, the ocean, unique nature and the delightful Samoan people.

Way to Australia and Beyond spoke with Brian Rose The Director of Coconuts Beach Resort located in the South Eastern Corner of Uplou Island in the village of Lepa. Here's what Brian had to say.

I feel Samoa has a lot going for it. Many of our guests travel the world and giveus feedback on how Samoa compares to other islands. One thing I hear is that Samoa is very clean and the culture. The culture is very traditional and veryimportant to Samoans. They like to share their culture and it has not been changed much by Western influence. As Samoa is somewhat of a secret that's a good thing and Samoa is not crowded nor over commercialised.

Way to Australia and Beyond highly recommends Coconuts Beach Resort, Samoa. 

If you are seeking something truly special for your next holiday or adventure getaway, contact Way to Australia and Beyond to find out more about Samoa and Coconuts Beach Resort.